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SBG New Braunfels Classes

bjj classes

Every class is a part of a larger curriculum with goals both on the mat and off the mat. Our techniques are based on principles of physics and anatomy so that people of any background can utilize them and test their effectiveness in an environment of adaptive resistance.

Kids BJJ Classes

Growing Gorillas provides activities that are functional and fun while also setting goals for children to become active in their families and communities. At SBG nothing stops at that mat! Our goal is to develop great human beings capable of discipline and focus in all aspects of life.

Yoga & Meditation

Drawn from multiple yoga traditions as well as a Korean physio-spiritual discipline, Yoga is a path of discovery that leads inward but reverberates into every aspect of life. Physical training for the disconnect in our bodies, interpersonal training for the disconnect in our relationships, and meditative training for the disconnect in our minds.

One Tribe ,

One Vibe .

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