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Using Discipline and Fun to Improve Focus and Confidence

Discipline generates focus. Focus leads to real successes. Real success creates confidence as a character trait as opposed to a passing feeling.  

jiu jitsu Teaching Methodology Ages 5-7

Our teaching methodology is based on sound pedagogical principles as our head coaches both have degrees in education.

For 5-7 year olds our approach is to build solid movement fundamentals and balance to lead into the general techniques of Jiu Jitsu. Positional awareness is a key skill as well to ensure that they recognize what is a dominant position. Moreover at this age range we are striving to give them basic classroom etiquette to ensure their success both in our program and in elementary school. We have seen tremendous success from many of our youngest students in their schools as a result of the manners and basic classroom etiquette that we teach.

Kids don’t get tired, they get bored

Fun and games are the critical component that makes any repetition possible. To excel at the technical art of Jiu Jitsu, it must be packaged to kids in a way that engages their sense of play and competitiveness. We use an ever-rotating number of games with differing technical aspects to keep kids learning new skills without overtaxing their ability to focus. We practice active gamification of all aspects of Jiu Jitsu so that motivation is never a problem for our students.

Why is SBG Jiu-jitsu right for your kid?

What discipline looks like for kids ages 5-7

Discipline is the most critical skill for kids within this age range and it is generally what parents struggle with the most. Discipline for this age range is two fold in nature.

First, we look to connect with the students outside of class to fulfill their needs for attention so they are not trying to meet that need in the middle of class in a disruptive manner.

Second, we work to address disruptive behavior with consistency and calm redirection of behavior. We do not allow a behavior of defiance to grow but strive to correct this while modeling excellent emotional control. Students are asked to sit out of games if they are unwilling to participate in activities. We also play a variety of games to work out their energy and need to move so that we can focus when the time comes.

Belt Promotions based on systematic tracking and observation

The last week of every month is promotion week. Based on student performance within the month, promotions are made. We are not a belt factory and we make sure kids feel like every promotion is earned. Kids have opportunities to earn recognition in several ways throughout units that translates into a system for promotion that is more consistent than subjective judgments.

We follow the IBBJF standards for the promotion of kids and adults. As such there are age restrictions on the acquisition of adult level belts like a black belt. Those standards can be found online as the age requirements for each belt are unique.

Why is SBG Jiu-jitsu right for your kid?

Your child deserves to feel safe.

Nothing can make a person feel safer than the knowledge that they can protect themselves. Give your child the ability to defend themselves and watch their confidence soar.

Safety is a top priority

There will be tears whenever you play a physical game with children. And while this is inevitable we do not see a high rate of serious injuries in our gym. Bumps and bruises will happen but serious injuries are averted through our thorough coach training and dedication to safety. Every effort is made to ensure that our physical activities are as safe as possible

Managing Bullies and Conflict Avoidance

The hallmark of Jiu Jitsu as a method of self defense is it gives you the tools to get up, get free and get away. We also teach kids a variety of strategies to deal with bullying and make sure they are not being bullies themselves given the increases they are seeing in their martial acumen. As they deal with bullying, we don’t want them to become bullies themselves.

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Kids BJJ Program Benefits:

Open Enrollment = Beginner Friendly Classes

All students begin in a program called Explorers which is intended to teach the best aspect of Jiu Jitsu through game play primarily. We have upgrades for students that would like to pursue Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts in a more serious manner.

Reasonable Class Size

Classes are capped at 20 students which can lead to waiting lists for classes but we firmly believe that past 20 students it is too challenging to give all of the students the attention they need to achieve their goals.

Quality Coaching

Our head coaches both have degrees in Education and both possess Masters degrees as well. As such, we work hard to ensure that all of our coaching staff has passed through rigorous education and screening before they are allowed to coach. Minimally they have spent many hours shadowing a trained teacher to ensure they know how to deliver our program effectively and we observe our teachers to ensure that they are always making the safety and growth of your child their number one priority.

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Minimum Age

5 is the youngest age that we currently accept in our Growing Gorillas Program. In the future we may offer programs for younger children but to engage in the more technical aspects of Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts children need requisite motor skills and maturity to handle a classroom environment. We are not a daycare program. We teach full classes with specific goals in mind. 5 is the perfect age to start to imprint movement patterns that will blossom into profound technical capabilities.

Behavior management Issues

We need to evaluate this on a per child basis, so we recommend trying a class for free and seeing how that works out. In general one of our big goals is to teach students how to thrive in a structured environment so we expect students to be rough around the edges when they begin. 

Special Needs Children

We do not possess specialized knowledge for dealing with ADHD children or other high needs children. Without taking a class we cannot vouch for the appropriateness of any number of special needs students thriving within our program. We are open to such possibilities but must evaluate students to determine if their needs can be met in our program.

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