Teens Jiu Jitsu Classes IN NEW BRAUNFELS

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Find The Right BJJ Classes For Your Teens

Teenagers are a diverse group so we approach teens within our group on an individual basis. We look at size and maturity to determine if they are better suited for our adult program or our junior program.

jiu jitsu Teaching Methodology For Teens

Within our junior program we tend to have younger and smaller teens and they tend to
thrive because they find themselves in a mentoring position because a fair
number of students are younger than them and will look up to them. 


Often kids in the modern school system don’t have an opportunity to interact and guide
students younger than themselves but it is an excellent precursor to adulthood
responsibilities in which one has to think about something other than
themselves. In that sense we consider them a strong asset within our junior


If a teen is placed within our adult program, we make every effort to ensure proper

safeguarding and pair them whenever possible with other teens. Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu requires paired work and is very teamwork-oriented in that sense. When
paired with adults we’ve seen marvellous mentorships result as teenagers are
often eager to learn from young adults as they make the difficult transition to
the real world. Seeing someone just a few years older the big scary world doing
fine gives them a lot of confidence about life after school. 

Jiu Jitsu is The Perfect Hobby Perfect For Teens

Teens are at a stage where their coordination is really starting to come together and
the Jiu Jitsu they are capable of is pretty amazing. They don’t have the
fragility of adulthood to concern themselves with so they can really pour
themselves into the rigorous nature of Jiu Jitsu. 


The best part is they are taking up a hobby that unlike most high school sports can
be continued until they are old and grey. They can compete in the sport of Jiu
Jitsu for the rest of their life which very different from most athletics that
teens are exposed to at school.