Fighting Classes – I just want to fight to defend myself. Do I even need ‘martial arts’?

An enquiry we recently received that we thought was worthy of a post. We’ve seen several reels recently showing “backyard” style fights that have reignited some of the questions that the early UFC’s answered. 

Is there such a thing as fighting classes for people who just want to learn how to fight? 
Question: I’ve seen some of these backyard brawl type instagram videos and reels. Quite often, a fat looking dude, completely out of shape just batters some young athletic guy, even one with constant head kicks. I was amazed that someone whose gut was significant with short legs knocked this much taller guy who really looked the part, completely unconscious. Do you need to learn martial arts to be able to fight? I’m not that bothered about the belts although they would be nice to have. 
Answer: most of the clips I’ve seen of these backyard brawls pit clearly unfit martial artists who at some time have done some extensive training against people who are clearly fit and strong but cannot fight. This almost guarantees the most views as the unfit but trained individual will almost certainly beat the heavily muscled jock or athlete who is untrained. However, it is very rare that many of these ‘unfit’ guys have not trained when you start to see them destroying Mr Beefcake. Tank Abbott was perhaps the original “I’ve just got off my bar stool” gimmick. In reality, he had quite a lot of practical experience and training. He was well known to Tito Ortiz as they worked doors together. Tank had wrestled and practised BJJ and clearly had some very real striking experience. He was described as a “Pit Fighter” to give this notion of being an untrained wild man biker type. There is no doubt his marketability was backed up by some serious capabilities, and hence he was signed to professional wrestling not long after. However, anyone wanting to get good at fighting should practise martial arts formally. Whether you like striking or grappling or want to have a complete all round capability, we can customise a program around your specific goals. We even have separate fitness programs designed specifically to increase your muscle size and strength alongside our skills specific classes. It is almost impossible to improve on your own by trial and error regardless of how physically gifted you may be. And if you are physically gifted, imagine your capabilities with some serious skills! 

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